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One form of facial cosmetic improvement becoming popular due to its simplicity is Botox injections.  This product has been available for several years and is considered a safe and effective means to eliminate facial skin wrinkles.  With sun damage or ageing, the skin looses collagen allowing underlying muscles to wrinkle the skin. BOTOX works on the nerve junctions to temporarily stop contraction of the muscle.  This allows the skin to relax and eliminates the wrinkles. The common areas of use are the forehead, between the eyes, and in the lateral eye or  “crows feet” area.  The effects of Botox last from 3-6 months depending upon the area treated.  It seems that after each subsequent treatment with Botox the effects last somewhat longer.  Botox is an excellent means of eliminating wrinkles with no recovery being necessary.  Dr. Dreiman has had extensive experience using Botox.

The brow lift (forehead lift) is done endoscopically (with the use of small incisions in the hair bearing scalp and the use of instruments to perform the procedure under camera guidance).  This eliminates the need for large incisions to accomplish the same result.  Frequently, the patient has the impression that heaviness of the upper eyelids requires eyelid surgery, but the problem may be that the brows are too low.

The brow lift is often combined with an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in order to make the eyes brighter and to create the most attractive result. Dr. Dreiman has the ability to determine if a patient is a candidate for a brow lift.  The brow lift surgery or a combination of brow lift and eyelid surgery can be performed at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center in safety and comfort. Recovery requires only a few days. 

A small chin can detract from a person’s appearance.  A chin implant is a safe and effective way to increase the projection of the chin creating a soft and effective enhancement.  Chin implants often are effective in reducing the fullness under the chin.  The combination of a chin implant and neck liposuction is an ideal way to develop a normal chin contour and eliminate neck fullness.

The chin implant can be inserted from within the mouth or through a small, hidden incision under the chin.  The chin implant is a convenient method of instantly creating the ideal chin. If the chin is too large, surgery is available to reduce its size and projection. Chin reduction surgery is done with a hidden incision inside the mouth. Dr. Dreiman and the staff of Oral & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center have the training and experience to treat abnormal conditions of the chin.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is a common procedure used to remove excess skin from the eyelids and to eliminate fullness or bags in the eyelids.    Many people have so much extra skin in the upper eyelids that it affects their ability to read or it may interfere with their peripheral vision.  When this occurs, some medical insurance plans cover the upper eyelid surgery.  In some cases eyelid surgery is combined with a brow lift procedure to improve the position of the eyebrows and upper eyelids. 

Eyelid surgery is an exceptional means of brightening the eyes and eliminating the tired expression caused by the extra skin or fullness about the eyes. These procedures can be performed safely and precisely at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.  If desired the surgery could be done at Marion General Hospital or the River View Surgery Center where Dr. Dreiman has cosmetic surgery privileges.


The facelift (Rhytidectomy) may be considered the “classic” cosmetic procedure. Among cosmetic surgery professionals, the facelift is thought to be the best means of eliminating loose skin and wrinkles of the face, jaw line, and neck.  Dr. Dreiman can perform the traditional facelift or the new “S-lift”.  The “S-lift” may allow for quicker recovery. Neck liposuction is frequently used in combination with the facelift and can create an extremely satisfying result.  Other procedures are possible at the time of the facelift such as eyelid surgery, brow lift surgery, filler materials, and laser skin resurfacing.

A consultation with Dr. Dreiman will easily determine which procedure is right for you. These procedures can be performed safely and precisely at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.  If desired the surgery could be done at Marion General Hospital or the River View Surgery Center where Dr. Dreiman has cosmetic surgery privileges.

It is very common to have unwanted growths on the face and neck.  The evaluation of these lesions is important because of the possibility of skin cancer.  Any lesion or ulcer that will not heal should be evaluated because of the possibility of skin cancer. Growths that are enlarging will be more difficult to treat as they increase in size. Bleeding, color changes, and increase in size of a mole are warning signs of melanoma. We strive to avoid any unnecessary surgery, but we are aware of the importance of removing suspicious lesions as soon as possible.  Frequently, a growth is simply unattractive and the person wants it removed.  The surgery for the removal of facial lesions is usually a simple procedure.  In some cases, the surgery may require more advanced surgical techniques.  Dr. Dreiman and the staff at the Oral & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center are prepared to evaluate and treat facial growths and lesions.

Small cheekbones can detract from a person’s appearance.  Facial implants are a safe and effective way to increase the projection of the cheekbones creating a soft and effective enhancement. Implants are also available to help correct asymmetry of the lower jaw and face that sometimes results from accidents, heredity, or previous surgery.  Facial implants are sometimes the best answer to patients concern about the lower eyelids.  If the patient has small cheekbones, cheek implants can produce the proper contour of the lower eyelid and avoid or enhance eyelid surgery.  These implants are inserted from inside the mouth preventing the need for an incision on the face. Facial implants can be placed at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center and the patient should experience a rapid recovery at home. Dr. Dreiman can determine the procedure needed with a simple consultation.

Filler materials are used to enhance the appearance of the lips and to augment facial wrinkles or camouflage scars.  This simple office procedure is used as a filler of wrinkles about the mouth, chin, nose, or to improve the appearance of scars.  Common filler materials are hyaluronic acid, collagen, dermal grafts, and fat grafts. Hyaluronic acid products include RESTYLANE and PERLANE. These substances occur naturally in the body and have been used for millions of augmentations with a high safety record.  These products can be injected into facial wrinkles, depressed scars, the lips, or to fill natural depressions such as the nasolabial fold (the depression from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth).  A very successful use for RESTYALNE AND PRELANE is lip enhancement. Collagen has been used extensively for augmentation of lips and to fill facial wrinkles and depressions. Dr. Dreiman will be able to select the best material for your needs.

Laser skin resurfacing is a controlled means of removing fine lines in the skin without the use of chemicals.  The carbon dioxide or a similar laser is used to treat the skin of the entire face or selected areas of the face such as the upper lip in order to eliminate or reduce the number of wrinkles.  The skin is pretreated with topical agents in order to prepare the skin for the laser treatment.

A controlled laser depth is used to remove an extremely thin layer of the skin surface. This regenerates and improves the smoothness of the skin.  Laser skin rejuvenation can restore a smooth texture and is most effective with fine wrinkles. Laser skin therapy is a controlled means of eliminating unwanted fine wrinkles of the skin. Our aesthetician will provide post-laser skin care. Microdermabrasion and glycolic acid peels are also available at Oral & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Unwanted facial hair, unsightly veins, and areas of excessive pigmentation can be eliminated with the proper laser. Unwanted hair on the lip and chin is a common concern for women. The usual solution is waxing or shaving. Electrolysis can be effective but is very time consuming. Laser treatment of excess hair is fast and effective. Veins about the nose, cheeks and chin are a common concern of both men and women. Laser treatment of these veins provides permanent removal of the vein without harming the skin. Birth marks (portwine stains) are frequently treated with the vascular laser. Excessive pigmentation (brown spots) is frequently seen on aging and damaged skin. Brown spots on the face can be successfully removed with the use of lasers. Laser treatment of excess hair, unwanted veins or isolated brown spots on the face is available at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Lip augmentation creates a full appearance to the lips. Various techniques and materials are used to augment the lips. Collagen grafts have been available for several years. Dermal grafts are an excellent way to augment the lip in order to eliminate the wrinkles in the skin of the upper lip. Restylane and Perlane (hyuronic acid) do not require skin testing and are excellent augmentation materials. Fat grafts (self-grafts) taken from the patient are also available at Oral & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.

The decision to use a certain material is dependent upon several factors and is discussed at the consultation appointment with Dr. Dreiman. Full lips in a female are the envy of society and producing full lips is an easy and positive form of self-improvement. This treatment is a quick and easy cosmetic improvement.

Significant improvement of the neck fullness and the fullness below the chin can be achieved with a simple liposuction procedure.  Neck liposuction is an office procedure with a quick recovery.  It is often the answer to a younger patient’s complaint of neck fullness or fullness in the jaw line.  When jowling or fullness along the jaw line is present, liposuction is often the solution. Chin augmentation, when needed, can be combined with neck liposuction.  This combination will drastically reduce the fullness beneath the chin and create the neck definition we all desire.

Facial and neck liposuction has been described as the “weekend facelift”. The muscle beneath the skin can be tightened to create an even firmer neck. Dr. Dreiman, at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center, can perform facial and neck liposuction under intravenous sedation.  If indicated or desired the surgery can be performed at the hospital.

When nature causes a facial growth abnormality, the child or adult can experience embarrassment and even taunting from others. Although these abnormalities have cosmetic effects, they are a congenital or developmental abnormality and their correction is sometimes covered by medical insurance.It is possible to correct abnormal facial growth such as a small chin, overdeveloped lower jaw, and asymmetry of the face with surgery.  Oral and facial surgeons have been in the forefront of developing procedures to correct the growth problems nature causes in the upper jaw, lower jaw, and associated structures. Dr. Dreiman has the training and experience to provide this service.The majority of patients requiring correction of growth abnormalities will require hospitalization for 24 to 48 hours. Minor procedures such as chin augmentation can be done at the Oral & Facial Cosmetic Sugery Center or as an outpatient at the hospital.

Previous surgery, even if well done, acne, and accidents can result in unsightly facial scars.  Scar revisions are sometimes the answer for camouflage.  Scars are rarely if ever completely eliminated with surgery but can frequently be improved, made less visible, or relocated surgically. Plastic surgery techniques and the use of such adjuncts as laser therapy can markedly improve the appearance of a scar.  In some situations, more than one procedure may be necessary to create maximal improvement. Overgrowth of a scar such as a keloid is usually treated with steriod injections and surgery. Filler materials injected beneath the scar can be used to improve depressed scars.  Our aesthetician at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center is trained to help camouflage the offensive scar if surgery is not indicated. A consultation with Dr. Dreiman can allow him to advise you about the possible treatment alternatives.

Wrinkles are the most common concern presented by patients during their facial surgery consultation. Dr. Dreiman performs a multitude of procedures capable of eliminating wrinkles.  Filler materials can be used to inject beneath prominent wrinkles to temporarily eliminate or reduce the wrinkle.  BOTOX injections are a very efficient means to eliminate forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet.  Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are used to remove fine to moderate wrinkles of the face.  Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can be used to remove wrinkles of the upper and lower eyelids.  Rhytidectomy (facelift surgery) is considered with heavy wrinkles or loose skin of the lower face and neck. All of these procedures are available at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.  Dr. Dreiman and our certified aesthetician can recommend the correct procedure with a simple consultation.

If doing all you can to look your best is important to you, then learning more about facial cosmetic surgery options could enhance your life...inside and out.

Dr. Bernard B. Dreiman is uniquely qualified and experienced to provide a multitude of facial cosmetic procedures from Botox injections, lip enlargement, blood vessel or hair and vein elimination all the way to eyelid surgery, cheek implants, and face lift techniques. Most of these procedures can be performed at the Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center or at a local hospital or outpatient surgical center. Also, a certified aesthetician is available for permanent eyeliner, permanent lip enhancement, facials, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion.

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